AloCubano Festival • Cuban Culture Ambassador


BARBARA JIMENEZ • AloCubano Salsa Festival • Cuban Dance Workshop • WARSAW OCT 2023

Premium Cuban Festival with Latin Craze • AloCubano Festival APR Athens • OCT Warsaw • FEB Cuba Cultura & Sabrosura • www.alocubano.se QUÉ BOLÁ? Welcome to the Top Salsa Congress & Marvellous Dance Experience! »»»»» OUR MISSION: "To promote & strengthen Creativity through Cultural Expressions & Arts". ««««« ★ Established by Julio Espinal from Santiago de Cuba! ★ 🎵 Reverencia by Pablo Timba feat. Mayito Rivera 🎥 FilmoTechnika Welcome to the family that unites! ★ AloCubano is a community that creates a marvellous family. Here everyone is welcome and accepted. At our salsa congress we unite all ethnicities & identities. We dance, we laugh, we get closer to the culture but most importantly: we experience it all together. ★ Culture & Music are number one during our dancing weekend but we strongly recommend you to never forget about the Sabrosura which gives our lives tones of sparks! ★ Creativity together with Culture form the core of every society. In today's world, they are an extremely important binder that allows people to come together and understand each other. ★ The growing understanding of diversity in cultural expressions reduces the risk of global conflicts and allows us to build a global society fostering diversity on many levels.

AloCubano Festival • Cuban Culture Ambassador:

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