Felipe y Tiago - Role Rotation


Romeo Santos, ROSALÍA - El Pañuelo | Bachata Dance | Felipe y Tiago Role Rotation

👬 Felipe y Tiago - @felipeytiago_official Video Recording by Steve Zamora: @steve.zamora 🎶@Romeo Santos & @ROSALÍA - El Pañuelo 📍@summer_afrolatin_festival - Porto, Portugal Follow us on I G: FelipeyTiago_official Subscribe for more videos of BACHATA, tutorials, festivals, workshops and much more on role rotation and dancers that do both roles, leader and follower. #romeosantos #rosalia #felipeytiago #rolerotation #formulavol3 #bachata ---- 🎓If you want to learn from us anywhere in the world check our online dance school. Is not just bachata and you get new classes every week! : https://rolerotationacademy.com/online-academy/ 🗺 If you also dance both roles add yourself to the map of everyone in the world who does it too! You are not alone! 😝: https://rolerotation.com/the-ultimate-map-for-leading-and-following-find-other-complete-dancers/ 📖If you’re looking to know more about how to help with visibility on how to end sexism and discrimination in the dance community, check out our articles at: https://rolerotation.com/rolerotationnews/ 🖊 You can tell your story too by writing and publishing your own article at our webpage. More than a thousand people are already reading them. Just text us at @felipeytiago_official - https://www.instagram.com/felipeytiago_official/?hl=en Thank you so much for all your love and we hope you join us in our goal of inspire everyone to learn both roles 💛

Felipe y Tiago - Role Rotation:

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