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How to dance Salsa with a BEGINNER | by MySalsaHome

Interested in learning Salsa? 📺 https://mysalsahome.com In this Class you're going to learn how to dance Salsa on1 with a Beginner. Specially as Leader we feel frustrated and we don't know how deal with a Salsa Beginner. But actually it's quite easy. First of all take care of her and try to enjoy the dance. Don't intimidate her. Instead give her support and try to make it convenient for her by starting to give clear impulses and let her feel the beat. Start with a Basic Step & Side Step in a close position. Add a right turn for her and level up with a cross body lead. If that still works you can try a Enchufla which brings more dynamic into your dance. Remember it's about joy and sharing the moment with the dancer. Dance to feel it. Interested in learning Salsa? 📺 https://mysalsahome.com 0:00 Funny Intro with Tasja 0:20 How to dance with a Beginner 0:50 Basic Step in a close Position 1:10 Add a Side Step 1:25 Cross Body Lead in a Close Position 1:35 Keep the Frame 2:00 Add right turn variations 2:44 Back step (Cumbia Step) 3:00 Add a Enchufla after the right turn 4:25 Why I start with Cuban Style 5:29 Celebrate each move 6:41 Together with Music 9:05 Blooper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learn Salsa online and become a Student of MySalsaHome ❤️ https://mysalsahome.com ► Unlimited Classes ► Video Analyse ► New choreographies ► Personal dance coaching ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW: https://www.instagram.com/danielrosas_official https://www.instagram.com/mysalsahome ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📩 info@mysalsahome.com

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