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In times of uncertainty we need hope and positivity. Keep strong and IMAGINATE... I composed this song based on the idea of a friend of mine Vosty who would travel the world and leave everything behind...as promised here is the song Kamo to you and all of those who IMAGINE. Thank you to my friends which agreed to take place in this project and overdubbed in their original mother tongue. Tony thanks for the ton of inspiration and ideas! And last but not least my KOKO, my everything, you always make everything better, thanks for your guidance and input in music and video. MUSICA NOS UNIFICA- Music composed by: Jonathan Ramirez Garcia Music performed by: Jonathan Ramirez Garcia Lyrics by: Jonathan Ramirez Garcia Mix and Master by: Jonathan Ramirez Garcia Video: Brolls Pixels.com / Vosty / Jonathan Ramirez Garcia Video Edited by: Jonathan Ramirez Garcia

Jonathan Ramirez Music:

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