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Salsa Shines on 1 for Beginners. Check also ➡️ www.mysalsahome.com Specially Salsa Beginners don't feel confident dancing alone on the dance floor. In this Salsa Class we are going to show you 4 Salsa Shines on1 for Beginners you can use for social dancing. In the end of the video you learn how to use the Salsa shines in your Partner Work Do you need Music for Youtube? Check out ➡️ https://artlist.io/Daniel-744292 In this Salsa Video we cover: 1. Susy Q. 2. Mambo Tap. 3. Salsa Choke 4. Flirty Left Turn 0:00 Intro 1:00 Susy Q 3:30 Mambo Tap 6:44 Salsa Choke 9:10 Salsa Choke Side Step 10:35 Flirty Left Turn 12:20 Turn Lessons to remember 13:49 Lady Arm Styling 15:50 How to convert your Shines in Partner Work 19:00 Now together with music 20:40 Thank you 21:25 Bloopers Interested in learning Salsa? 📺 https://mysalsahome.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learn Salsa online and become a Student of MySalsaHome ❤️ https://mysalsahome.com ► Unlimited Classes ► Video Analyse ► New choreographies ► Personal dance coaching ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW: https://www.instagram.com/danielrosas_official https://www.instagram.com/mysalsahome ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📩 info@mysalsahome.com

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