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Eliel Lazo - Dance Or Die

*Dance Or Die* is the first single of the Upcoming Cuban Funk album of Eliel Lazo and The Cuban Funk Machine. Stream *Dance Or Die* Here: Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/2tT5T7I1fiuyVfLHVfSXp4 Buy *Dance Or Die* Here: https://shop.klicktrack.com/534047 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dance-or-die-feat-eliel-lazo-the-cuban-funk-machine-single/1423635833 Fallow Eliel Lazo Here: https://www.facebook.com/eliellazo https://www.facebook.com/Eliel-Lazo-Music-436519533146398/ https://www.eliellazo.com (C) 2018 WE ARE LIT

Eliel Lazo:

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