Lazaro & Irena Dancing


Rueda de casino en Split (Salsa cubana) hip hop intro👍

Súper happy for the show!! One more time life confirm that to achieve something you have to do it, never give up your dreams, many people just wanted to learn a little bit to dance in party but we ( Irena and I) had the security and the confidence that we can go to the stage because everybody are full of pasion and love for dancing. I can say only one thing...!! For EVERYONE WHO READ THIS..! NEVER GIVE UP, MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE AND ENJOY LIFE.👍🎶🕺💃 #CUBANSALSA #salsa #ruedadecasino #hiphop #show #showtime #plesnistudio #salsasplit #splitcroatia #salsaples Maykel Blanco Y Su Salsa Mayor

Lazaro & Irena Dancing:

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