Salsakompaniet by Jazzy Ruiz


Salsa On1 Footwork - Intermediate Level - 5 Combinations Tutorial

Salsa On1 Footwork - Intermediate Level - 3 Combinations Tutorial With Jazzy Ruiz At Norway's Largest Salsa & Latin Dance Organization The place to dance - The place to be! Here is a free Salsa on1 video for all of you to try from home! Enjoy! Jazzy Ruiz: - Bachelor Degree in Dance and Pedagogy from “ The Norwegian College of Dance. - Dance diplom from the National Ballet of Cuba of Alicia Alonzo and ENA - Escuela Nacional de Arte, (Cuba`s National Academy of Arts. - Dance education since childhood at “Ritmo Latino Dance Academy” By Aura Marina Ruiz Porras - 35 year of dance experience and 25 years of international dance carrier. - Choreographer and dancer for TV programs such as: Dancing with the stars, So you think you can dance, Norways Got talent, to name a few. - Head instructor and founder of Norway`s Largest Salsa and Mambo Organization – Danseklubben SalsaKompaniet - Pioneer of Mambo in Norway and Salsa On1 cross body lead style. - The first dance instructor in Norway to intergrate Cha cha cha, boogaloo and Pachanga and Cuban salsa under one company - SalsaKompaniet - Funder of Royal Tumbao Dance Co. representing Norway`s at international festival and events. - Manger of JazzSon Sextet, one of Norwya`s finest Salsa and Latin Jazz bands - Co-founder of the biggest Salsa congress in Norway “ The Nordic salsa Experience “ known today as “ Salsa Nordic” - Co-founder of Mambo Festival Norway and Tumbao Latin Weekend - 4 times Norwegian Salsa Champion and co-organiser of the official Norwegian salsa championship. - Silver medal in the World Salsa Championships 2018 IDO, representing Norway - Percussionist and music coach for dancers, organiser of events for the development of the latin dance and music culture in Norway.

Salsakompaniet by Jazzy Ruiz: