Salsa Beginners 1 - Single Right Turn & Single Left Turn men

Instead of teaching you 50 turns that you will never be able to remember, we prefer to teach you only 6 turns devided over 3 levels. That makes 2 turns on each level. What will happend is that you will master those turns and that you can apply them in many different ways. This combination is nothing else than a Cross Body Lead, a Single Right Turn for the Lady and a Single Left Turn for the men. By using the arms it looks very difficult but it is actually not. Check it out and find more information on If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please write them down below in the commentbox. I will try to reply within 24 hours. Please sign up to the channel so you can stay tuned with new video's. Check it out and find more information on And for more Salsa dancing tips and for questions about are new Franchise system please check out the following links: • Check out Salsaventura's website with all Salsa programs: • Subscribe to Salsaventura's YouTube channel: • Join Salsaventura's Facebook group: