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Salsa Sensual Combo πŸ”₯ Salsa Dance Tutorial on1

βœ… 3 Day FREE Trial πŸ”₯ Become a Member and get unlimited access to all our current and future classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Dancers ➑️ https://classes.mysalsahome.com/p/mysalsa-membership βœ… Here’s my link to great music. Get 2 month off ➑ https://artlist.io/Daniel-744292 🎡 Name of the Song: "La Casa" by Itai Kriss & Maria Raquel βœ… 3 Day FREE Trial πŸ”₯ β–Ί Monthly/yearly/unlimited access to all current and future classes β–Ί Personal video analysis by Daniel Rosas included β–Ί New choreographies β–Ί Personal dance coaching https://mysalsahome.com 0:00 Intro 0:10 Salsa Sensual Demo 0:50 1. Part (Enchufla) 3:30 2. Part (Hook Turn + Hair brush) 5:00 3. Part (Lady Presentation + Sensual Wrap + Double Turn) 8:06 4. Part (Dancing Hands) 9:10 5. Part (Hook Turn + Diamond Circle) 11:05 6. Part (Bachata?) 12:18 Students (private class) 13:00 Let's continue with the last part. 14:40 Salsa Dip 15:00 All together with counting 16:25 All together with music Thank you ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW: https://www.instagram.com/danielrosas_official https://www.instagram.com/mysalsahome https://www.facebook.com/mysalsahome ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- πŸ“© info@mysalsahome.com

Daniel Rosas:

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