Pedrito Calvo - Mayito Rivera Promo 2020

Pedrito Calvo is a particularly charismatic front man and certainly Cuba’s most important singer. He was for a long time one of the central figures of the world’s most famous Cuban band Los Van Van. For over 20 years they toured together very successfully around the world and conceded several prizes. The singer separated from Los Van Van and since then has been so successful with his own projects that they have become indispensable in the playlists of Latin-lovers. Mayito Rivera The diverse talent of the “poet of Rumba” is also highly regarded by fellow musicians, who invite him for guest performances worldwide: Salsa celebrities such as Oscar d´ Leon, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Issac Delgaado or Son Como Son, Timbalive and many more. Booking: tom@kramer-artists.de


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