Salsa dancing - Samuel & Sophia -

#salsa #salsadancing #dance Ok guys we are back after a very long break. We were touring for almost 3 months non stop, without coming back home and seeing our families and friends, without having our bed and couch, our daily habits, etc. And it was impossible to keep up with the IG, FB and Youtube content. But here we are back in Madrid, full of energy and gratitude! We feel so blessed to able share our passion, teaching and performing around the world 🌍. To all the ones who sent messages asking for new content THANK YOU! You guys are the reason why we keep working, inspiring just one of you makes our job 10000% worth it! Thank you for waiting and thank you for being there! ❤️ Song: Que humanidad - Manny Oquendo #couplegoals #holidays #vacation #indonesia


by virtuality.ch