Eliel Lazo


Eliel lazo - Guiro foot Clave and Improvisation

This Is a demonstration video for the ** GUIRO** clave. Guiro is a Afrocuban Rhythm played in religious partys in Cuba Guiro is in 6/8 and played by 3 Chekere players, one conga player playing (CAJA) and one playing the guiro clave in a GUATACA. GUATACA is a working tool used to work in the fild. This one was and still is used to play many of the Cuban folkloric rhythms, If you like it dont forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and give me a COMENT about what would you like to see or hear or just what do u think. You can find me on: www.eliellazo.com Check out my project: Eliel Lazo & The Cuban Funk Machine on Facebook. LIKE https://www.facebook.com/Eliel-Lazo-The-Cuban-Funk-machine-436519533146398/timeline/?ref=hl

Eliel Lazo:

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