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All our clubs are open. I’ve put the links below. You do not need to book in advance, you can simply turn up and pay cash or card at the door. We do offer package deals that can give you huge savings on class bundles, please go to the website and choose the venue,  simply purchase a class or bundle package of your choice.  Details below. Currently: **Wimbledon Salsa & Bachata Club open weekly Monday https://www.incognitodance.com/salsa-classes-courses-mondays-at-wimbledon-salsa-bachata-club/ **Hammersmith Salsa & Bachata Club weekly Wednesdays https://www.incognitodance.com/wednesdays-at-hammersmith-salsa-club-hammersmith-london/ **Earl’s Court Salsa & Bachata Club weekly Thursdays https://www.incognitodance.com/salsa-classes-courses-thursdays-at-earlscourt-salsa-bachata-club/ **Putney Salsa & Bachata Club: open monthly on last Saturdays)  https://www.incognitodance.com/special-event-at-putney-salsa-club/ We also have a full syllabus ONLINE Salsa & Bachata courses from absolute beginners up to Teacher Training. Try 50 video classes for free. www.incognito.dance Best wishes

Salsa & Bachata - Incognito Dance:

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