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I had the pleasure to collaborate with my good friends B/Y Organism on this track which I entitled "FLOW". From the album ''The New Beginning'' Daniel Bulatkin - piano Kirill Yakovlev - guitar Petr Nohavica - drums Jonathan Ramirez García - vocals, spoken word & lyrics Allison Wheeler - vocals Composed by Kirill Yakovlev & Daniel Bulatkin Animation by Nikolay Tretyachenko Produced by Igor Ochepovsky Creative contributions by Yvonne Sanchez Recorded by Lukáš Martínek at Studio Svárov, July 23rd, 2019. Vocals recorded by Tomáš Jochmann at Baracca Records Mastered by Wiboud Burkens http://danielbulatkin.com/ https://kirillyakovlev.eu/

Jonathan Ramirez Music:

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