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Nolita Golding "Mother Nature" online jam started by Yolanda Charles

This jam started with a bass/drum groove by Yolanda Charles and Westley Joseph jumped then added a beat, inviting Alex Wilson to collaborate! His montuno then got my blood rushing when I saw his repost. And it spiralled from there. A message was born! Less then a week later and after a lot of work with collaboration by myself, Alex Wilson, Rodrigo Rodriguez 'Rodry-Go', Westley Joseph and Phillip Harper a new mini song was born "Mother Nature" #lockdowncreativity #sessionmusician #wewillgetthroughthis This is a product of Yolanda Charles' 1st play along release: MOTHER NATURE (written from Git Bass Jam 1) Published on 1 Apr 2020 As she says: "Collaboration happened in the Lockdown and now we are family :)" Let's hope through these times music, love and support is shared...bringing us closer... "Mother Nature" Music by Yolanda Charles, Westley Joseph, Alex Wilson, Nolita Golding, Phillip Harper, Rodrigo Rodriguez Lyrics by Nolita Golding, Rodrigo Rodriguez Mother Nature Is going to teach you Coz she’s the queen Like nothing you’ve seen (Coz she’s boss) She’s boss, yeah (That’s what she wants) Does what she wants (Coz she’s boss) She’s boss now yeah (That’s what she wants) Does what she wants Mother Nature, yeah Parece que todo está bien Pero no se puede esconder Que la naturaleza no aguanta la forma que el ser humano la quiere tener Tenemos que cambiar de actitud Eso lo decides tú Cuidemos a la reina naturaleza

Nolita Golding:

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