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Salsa Transformation - Roan & Louise | First Dance [Day 1] (MySalsaHome)

Check the 2. Episode: https://bit.ly/3i14C8k 0:00 How I start giving private classes 2:41 Roan & Louise 3:27 First Dance (before the training) I'm glad to share the Salsa Dance Journey of Roan & Louise. Both are from the Netherlands visiting me to get 8 hours full of salsa private class. Their goal was to learn: - Body posture - How to hold each other's hans properly - Salsa 360 - how to lead & follow properly - how to keep calm in a Dance - a drop (Dip) Stay tuned and follow their dance Journey... Interested in learning the principles of Salsa? Here you get the full training advices: https://bit.ly/3rudJRX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learn Salsa online and become a Student of MySalsaHome ❤️ https://mysalsahome.com ► Unlimited Classes ► Video Analyse ► New choreographies ► Personal dance coaching ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW: https://www.instagram.com/danielrosas_official https://www.instagram.com/mysalsahome ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📩 E-MAIL US: info@mysalsahome.com

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